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Family Mediation in Birmingham

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Why us

One of the best features of mediation is that our services are designed to fit around your needs and personal circumstances. You may have a very busy professional life, having to juggle work appointments and meetings. Alternatively, you could have many childcare responsibilities. Whatever your personal responsibilities, we will make sure that our appointments fit around your needs.

As well as appointments during the working day we also offer appointments at the evenings and weekends. We may also, occasionally, offer appointments at short notice. Our mediators understand that people’s lives are very busy and we offer appointments of different durations, and times, to make sure that they are compatible with your personal specifications.


In a legal battle, the interests of other parties are not always taken into consideration. In a divorce, it is the interests of the separating couple which are of paramount concern. This can leave children and other members of the family leaving very confused.

They may feel left out of the process. Particularly in the case of children, they may feel that their parents are acting in their own interests and forgetting about them in the process.

Mediation turns that process on its head

In mediation, the interests of other parties are placed as being important to the process. Although mediation is a negotiation between the separating couple, mediators are trained to take the interests of all parties into consideration.

Mediators can explain the mediation process to children and include them in explaining the outcomes of mediation. Grandparents can even be included. In fact, in mediation, we encourage all parties to find out about the sessions. Those involved in mediation value it as being an inclusive, open and transparent procedure.

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My parents and me were not exactly happy with each other. After just one session, most of our differences were solved and now we are regularly in touch with each other.

– Eskandar

Good Job Guys

Aspire Family Mediation helped me in resolving conflict and reaching agreement on all issues surrounding my separation. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in need.

– Hartley