Family Mediation Service

Aspire family Mediation service are the local registered family mediation experts offering fast and professional help when getting divorced or separating involving children or financial related matters.
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What is family mediation service ?

  • Not sure what to do next?
  • Stressed out about whats going to happen to the children, house, pensions debts?
  • Cant seem to be able to have a conversation together about the issues?
  • Enables you to make decisions quicker

Mediation is a good place to start Aspire are your local family mediation provider

Recently separated from your partner ?

  • A family mediation service enables couples to decide arrangements for child and property etc.
  • It enables you to talk in a a safe centre by a trained mediator service
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Mediation is a good place to start Aspire are your local family mediation provider

Recently separated from your partner ?

  • This can be hugely stressful but mediation is a good place to start.
  • Contact Aspire today for a miam
  • Cant seem to be able to have a conversation together about the issues?

Mediation is a good place to start Aspire are your local family mediation provider

How Can a Family Mediation Service Help You ?

  • In many cases family mediation can transform an ending into a new beginning. Family mediation services are basically meant for individuals where the relationship has ended and need to make decisions on all aspects of the family life.

    This kind of service can be defined as an alternative dispute resolution technique which is meant to be used by individuals who are experiencing problems with their ex partners.
  • Through this process, both the parties will be able to have confidential communication and reach a mutual agreement through the assistance of a accredited family mediator, who is a neutral impartial person.

    Basically, the mediator acts as a catalyst for the purpose of keeping the lines of communication clear between the two disputants and has a good understanding legal issues arising in the process.

What Family Mediation Can Offer You.

  • We resolve disputes like child access and custody, ownership issues houses, savings, business issues and finance issues arising due to separation, divorce with your ex-partner.
  • Can also be used for the purpose of dealing with issues like pet allocation, visitation rights, welfare of the ill family members and so on. A typical mediation session lasts for a couple of hours.
  • However, at times the mediator may feel that that the resolution is not around the corner and there are more issues that need to be dealt with. In such cases, the mediator would recommend scheduling further sessions to reach the solution. Our aim is never to push you to make wrong decisions.

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Benefits of using family mediation services

  • How does family mediation work?
  • Do you have to pay for mediation?
  • Why should you use family mediation services?
Mediation between parents There may come a time during your journey as a parent that you are not seeing eye to eye with your partner. The issue may be trivial or it could be large and may even have resulted in a separation. Whereas it is unlikely that this was where you viewed the journey as heading, it is important to do 2 things: not to assume that this is the end of the journey and to try and resolve the issue with as minimal negative impact on your children as possible. This is where mediation between parents can help. Mediation between parents exists to support the parents in identifying their differences, talk through them and work with all parties to identify an action plan that all are in agreement with; very importantly this should include the children too. Children are extremely receptive to what is happening around them and events such as a separation, or even a small argument between parents, can lead to increased stress and anxiety. This can further lead to feelings of confusion, frustration and resentment, thus making a fragile situation that much worse. Mediators will work not only with parents but the children too, where appropriate. It is important that children are able to talk about how they are feeling and that their points of view are valued. This in turn will help them feel more involved in the decisions being made and therefore less uncertain about what the future may hold. Mediation between parents will take place with an impartial mediator. It is important to realise that mediation is not a form of counselling. It is a neutral place in which to talk through any decisions that are causing conflict. These decisions could be anything from who has custody of a child to how many hours a week a parent may see a child. Mediation sessions are voluntary and could be used as an alternative to court. Indeed, a court will often suggest that parents try mediation before going through their systems. Whilst decisions made in mediation are not legally binding, they could be made so by approaching a solicitor following a decision to have the appropriate paperwork completed. Decisions will only be written down and taken to be signed (if desired) once all parties involved have had a chance to talk through their points of view, thoughts and feelings and everybody is in agreement with the decision.
  • A lot of people prefer to go for this service rather than approaching court or Solicitors Prices are much cheaper than Solicitors. Starts from just £99.00 and you pay as you go so no surprises!
  • It handles sensitive issues like family breakdowns with utmost delicacy and confidentiality always. All Aspire mediators are qualified and trained professionals who not only have the experience but also the expertise required to carry out the job.