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Benefits of Mediation for Separating Couples


Separation is one of the most challenging situations a couple can go through. During this process, there is a need for couples to seek mediation services to be able to go through the separation in a healthy manner. Family mediation is a process that can turn the bad ending into a new beginning. The services are for those couples who were once happy in their marriage, but unexpected events occur that warrants for separation.

Mediation services are viewed as an alternative conflict resolution method for those undergoing problems with their members of their family. This is a process that the concerned parties carry out private communication and come up with an agreement through help of a family mediator. The mediator acts as a facilitator by ensuring that the lines of communication are clear between the parties involved. The family mediation services help in handling sensitive issues such as separation with a lot of confidentiality.

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Another great benefit of seeking mediation services when separating is in terms of cost effectiveness. In addition, this is a faster way to resolve conflicts compared to filing a case in the court. The services save couples the cost involved in filing a case in court and fees charged by a lawyer. The process is also voluntary, so it is easier to reach an amicable solution as compared to when the separation process is handled by the court. The individuals have the chance to choose the date, venue and time, thus making the process more personalized.

Property and finance is one of the issues that lead to a lot of contention during separation. During separation couples get concerned about their personal material interests and those of their partner and children. Mediation process helps in resolving such disputes without undergoing costly fees which may eat into their savings and value of their properties. Mediation helps in distribution and division of other assets and liabilities. Couples are helped to come up with a solution on how to share financial assets such as savings, pensions and others.

Mediation allows parents to come together to sort out issues regarding the separation. In addition, children are also involved because they can also talk to mediators too. Children are given an opportunity to talk with the mediator about the issues they may have. The mediators will then talk with the parents to see how the issues concerning the children can be sorted out.

When resolving any kind of a conflict, the parties involved need to be allowed to take control of the process in order to come up with their own solution. Mediation service allows all the couples involved to have full control of the solution they come up with in the process. The solution reached benefits all the parties involved, unlike the court process which benefits one of the parties in the conflict. All the parties are satisfied because any solution has to be agreed upon by all the parties involved before the process is concluded.

In overall, mediation has higher satisfactory rate compared to other strategies applied during the separation process.


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