Family Court Cases about Children

Family Court Cases about Children Birmingham

If there is something wrong going on in the family and the matter is related to children, the procedure is different. Before someone can go and file an application in the court in children matters, the family members have to make sure that they have a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting with the mediator. This meeting is really important because the mediator will take a close look at the case and will suggest the various ways to resolve conflicts in family law. The mediator will see if the case is termed as suitable or acceptable for undergoing the process of mediation. The basic motive behind this assessment is that if the case is suitable for mediation, it will not be taken to the court.

There are other laws that have been set up to deal with this issue. Those laws include the Children Act 1989 and Family Procedure Rules. There is a program which is called Child Arrangements Programme, which has a lot of stuff that has been taken from other laws. The applications which are lodged in these matters in the Family Court are stated on form C100. In addition to this, there is form C1A which is filed if there is a case of violence or harm. You have to pay a fee to the court when the application is lodged. You can search for the court in which you have sent your application.

Before you can start with the court proceedings, you have to make sure that you meet with a mediator. The mediator will provide you with the information about what all can be done and what are options are available for resolving your disputes. Make sure that the mediator has been trained to provide information regarding mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAMS) Birmingham . You can file an application only if you are the parent, the guardian or the step-parent of the child. If you wish to file your case in Child Assessment Order and you fall into any of these categories, you don’t require any permission.

Once you have issued your application, a Gatekeeper Judge will take a look at your form, see if anything has to be done and then allocate the case to the level of judge in the Family Court. Then the papers will be either returned back to the applicant or will be sent to the other party by the court itself. Once the other party receives the form, they have to confirm that they have received it. In most of the cases, the court shortlists the hearing of usually half an hour which will be listed not 4 to 6 weeks ahead and is officially called a First Hearing Dispute resolution Appointment or a conciliation appointment. All the parties would be required to file and send the other parties the written statements by the witnesses on the set date. In most of these cases, the judge will order that a Children and Family Reporter will prepare the report.