Family Dispute Mediation

Family Dispute Mediation Banbury

Separation time is a period of tension between the couples as well as the people associated with them. It is particularly harmful where children are concerned. So, how should the parties involved settle their disputes without causing any potential harm to the children?

Mediation Banbury is an answer to this question. People do consider general litigation, but general litigation has several nemeses such as:-

1. It is costly. General litigation is not at all cost-efficient. It tends to burn a hole in the pocket of the disputing parties. Mediation on the other hand is cost-effective.

2. General litigation takes a long time. Since the time involved is long; the cost incurred tends to increase. This is particularly harmful where children are concerned. This may hamper their studies in the long run. Mediation, however, doesn’t take much time and the case is solved in a matter of few weeks.

3. General litigation takes place in an open court. This means everyone gets to know about the ultimate decision. Mediation on the other hand takes place behind closed doors in a hushed up manner. This ensures that the final decision is not disclosed to any third party.

4. Under general litigation, the final decision is taken by the court and the disputing parties do not have a say in it. But, under mediation the disputing parties have a say in the final decision. They can put their opinions during the discussion process before the final decision is reached. See our office in Banbury here

Having discussed the benefits of mediation over general litigation lets discuss, who all can take help of mediation service.

1. Divorcing couples- Disputing couples can take the help of mediation service. They do have a say in the final decision. This makes the whole process highly gratifying in nature. Moreover, it’s best to get mediation service if there are children involved. Since, mediation is not a lengthy procedure; it stops their future from getting hampered.

2. Parents- If the couple is fighting over the custody of their child, then mediation is the best answer. Mediation offers them to discuss child custody in an amicable manner. The child is dealt by the mediators in an empathetic manner.

3. Grandparents- If there are children involved, and the grandparents want to support their child after the divorce of the parents, then he or she may consult a mediator.

4. Guardians- If there is extended families of the disputing couple and they want a share in the property or want custody of the child, then they can consult a mediator.

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