Mediators Dont Give Legal Advice

This you will need to get from a family law Solicitor but mediators know the law and helpw ith practical solutions to family disputes.

Why Seek Legal Advice Alongside Aspire Family Mediation Services

At Aspire Family Mediation Service, we strive to bring solutions among family members and help those in conflict to come to amicable solutions.

Our mediators at Aspire however do not provide clients with legal advice but recommend that clients seek the advice of solicitors for this.

But why seek the services of a solicitor alongside those of our mediation services?

Mediation will help the parties involved in a family dispute to make their own decision with the help of the process provided by the mediator and clients might seek their own legal information provided by their solicitor beofre or during the mediation process. This is a much cheaper approach to dispute management than seeking a solicitor only’ method.

The services of a solicitor can be sought before, after or in the course of the mediation process. When financial issues are in question, the most advisable time to seek legal advice is when developing or reviewing the options. The legal advice you obtain will come in handy in determining the most viable options and decisions to make as well as compare the differences between seeking mediation services and seeking solutions in court.

It is important to understand that at the end of your mediation process at Aspire Family Mediation Services;

our mediators will provide you with a memorandum of understanding or an outcome summary. This however is not legally binding but with the help of legal advice from a solicitor, parties can come to a legally-binding agreement. This will help to ensure that each party keeps their part of the agreement without violating it and whenever a violation occurs, there will be legal action taken against the offending party. The rights of all parties are preserved through the legally-binding agreement prepared by the solicitor.

So, how much would it cost a person to seek the services of a solicitor for legal advice?

Before delving into this, it is important to note that the best solicitor to choose in this case is one who has the education know how and experience in Family law. As for the cost, it will differ from one solicitor to the other. Simply talk to the Aspire Family Mediator for an exclusive list of qualified solicitors in your area so you can choose the one who suits your budget best.

The mediation process not only requires legal advice from a solicitor but many at times advice from other professionals is handy. These include estate agents, financial advisors, accountants, business advisors, mortgage providers and pension advisors/ providers. These will be very helpful to individuals in making the right decisions and coming up with solutions that are fair to both parties.

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