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Our office in Leicester is ideal for anyone living in Oadby, Wigston, Enderby, Melton Morwbray, Market Harborough, Nuneaton and Loughborough.

Why us

Mediation caters for all personal circumstances

Your circumstances may be very straightforward. There may be no children in the relationship and you may have reached a decision on how you want to share financial assets. In this case mediation can be tailored to a very short series of meetings where you and your former partner, with the mediator, agree upon a succinct mediation agreement. On the other hand, you may have a very complex situation.

There may be children in the relationship and it may be contentious as to how they are to be cared for, or who they should live with. You may also find that your financial circumstances are complex and inter-connected. Assets may be difficult to divide in this case. Here a more extensive mediation procedure may be required, with a series of meetings.

Whatever your requirements, we have the flexibility to offer different levels of service.

Mediation Benefits

With a court battle involving your divorce you will often find that solicitors are in control of the process. They will determine when they can see you and it is often the case that appointments are only available during their business hours. This means that you will have to disrupt your own work, or family, schedule, in order to make these meetings. There is also a linear progression to the legal process. There are certain steps to follow and, once you have made a decision, it is very hard to turn back.

With mediation the process is much more flexible.

You can make an appointment at times that suit you. It is even possible to make evening and weekend appointments. The type of mediation meeting can also be varied to meet your circumstances. It might be that you initially prefer the mediator to be a go between for you and your partner if you can not, in the first instance, stand to be together.

However, eventually you will be expected to attend joint meetings in the same room. With mediation you arrive at a mutually agreed, flexible, solution to finances and childcare issues.

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Excellent Job

After my divorce everything started to fall apart in my life. My friend asked me to take the help of this mediation service and after just one meeting I started to feel better. All I can say that if you’re going through hard times in your life, then you must give a call to Aspire Family Mediation.

– Miller

Good Service

I was highly satisfied with the services provided by Aspire Family Mediation. Their mediators are experienced and qualified enough to understand the gravity of your situation. They will make sure that your personal matters get resolved peacefully.

– Marshal
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