Mediation Room Amersham

What Happens in the Mediation Room Amersham?

Whether you are involved in a mediation process or not, you might be curious about what is really happening in the mediation room. In helping you feed your curiosity, the following scenario happened during the introductory meeting when two parties inquire about the divorce mediation.

These are a few quotes from our mediators

Whenever I have clients, I make sure that we look professional, but not to the point that my clients will get scared or intimidated. There are times that I do not use big words in explaining important things to ensure both parties understand what I am trying to say. I reassure the clients that they can get through the entire process. Click here to find out more information as aspire family mediation might just be for you!

In the conference room, I make sure that everyone is sitting comfortably. Although there are some decorative details in the room, I see to it that they will not cause any distractions or interruptions. I want to focus on my client’s mediation issue and concerns exclusively.

We allocate time to get familiar with each other a bit. I ask both parties to come together so that they will know that I am not favoring the other side as well as make them realize I provide neutrality. I also want to ensure that each of them provides the same information.

I am quite observant with all the details presented, and we figure out whether both agree to process a divorce. I try to understand the dynamics between the two and determine whether they are comfortable with each other. I also try to know whether one of them will dominate the conversation, or even there will be an argument with every little thing.

Meanwhile, I want to know the exact things they must work on. So, I ask them questions whether they have child/children, they own their home, as well as if both have jobs. I also want to know if they are still living together or whether they still share bank accounts.

Both parties ask me about how much will be the cost and how long the process will take. We also discuss the difference between hiring a regular divorce lawyer and going to a mediation lawyer. We also talk about whether their homes or businesses need to be appraised, when and how to tell their children, what to expect in the entire process, as well as the type of decisions to be made.

In that introductory session, we obtained feelings and expectations of how things will work out. That is because the divorce process can be a tough and emotional problem-solving process. The job of mediation lawyers like me is to help the couples during the decision-making process, which will lead to a new family configuration.

A meditation room is a place where you can picture a brainstorming and offer other possibilities. That room will remind everyone that despite the dispute happening, there are still good ways on how to make things work and ensure that both parties can go back to their normal lives.

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