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Why us

Aspire Family Mediation Oxford has the following benefits:-

  • Amicable solution. At the end of mediation you will reach a solution that both parties agree with. This is not the case with court action where often one (or even both) parties are not happy with the settlement.
  • A range of issues. Mediation is an open-ended process that allows you to discuss things such as children, grandparent’s visitation rights, property and other financial assets.
  • Efficient. Both in terms of cost and time mediation can offer a speedy and reliable solution.
  • Opt out at any time. If parties do not find that mediation is working then they can leave the process at any time.

In conclusion, mediation is a sensible solution whatever the nature of your dispute when separating. Please contact us as we can also talk to you about how mediation can benefit your children, include grandparents in negotiations and also how it can allow for discussion of complex financial and property issues. Whatever your circumstances, mediation can make your divorce or separation as painless as possible.

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Mediation Benefits

Divorce and separation is not an event which most people undertake often in their lives. In such an event you will need to think about professional help. Often people look to legal professionals, such as solicitors, when they are looking to separate from their partners. Whilst there is much to recommend the legal route, it also has major disadvantages. Firstly, the legal route is very expensive. Costs can increase quickly and you may end up in a worse financial situation than you expected. The cut and thrust nature of legal debate can be damaging for both parties, and can cause real anxiety for both separating partners and their families.

There is another group of professionals that you can turn to. Mediators, such as the ones which are available as part of our service, offer a professional and confidential route to resolving issues which you may have when separating or divorcing. Our mediators are trained to help you to reach an agreement with your partner when separating.

The first part of mediation is to decide whether mediation is actually for you or not. This involves separate meetings with yourself and the other party. If you are both agreeable to mediation then we will arrange dates for meetings. There are different formats available, and we will help you to find a format of meetings that meets your needs entirely. At the meetings we will discuss a pre-arranged agenda to help you to reach agreement on issues involved in your separation and divorce. These may include finances, children, property and other financial assets. At the end of mediation we will help you to reach an agreement with your former partner.

MIAMS (Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings) is a term which you will become familiar with. These meetings are required before you undertake legal action, in most cases. You may also need to complete an FM1 form if you do not undertake these meetings. However, we consider that you will find mediation to be far superior to legal proceedings.

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Affordable Treatment

Mediators were all experienced and supporting people who helped me find the best solutions for our children. Thanks are all experienced in supporting people during difficult times.

– Tim

Awesome Service

It was getting really hard for me to interact with my in-laws but thanks to Aspire family mediation services, our differences were resolved and now we regularly meet with each other.

– Mike
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