Support for newly trained family mediators

Support for newly trained family mediators

As a newly trained family mediator you will need to be guided and supported when you first begin to practice. This transitional stage from student to practitioner can seem a little daunting. That is why Aspire have created a specialist service for those mediators who have just passed their foundation TRAINING course. join-us

Aspire family mediation services offer support to newly qualified family mediators. It is a requirement that all newly trained mediators need at least 10 co mediation hours with experienced mediators in order to be able to practice alone. So if you have just completed your foundation training, we can help you at the start of your professional journey. Our Hemel Hempstead office has FMC trained mediators

We provide established and experienced mediators to supervise you for the needed 10 hours of practice, who can share with you their skills and vast knowledge. However it is also important to note, that after the required 10 hours of supervised practice, that you still need to keep your skills up to date.

Family mediators generally deal with issues such as child custody, land distribution issues and conflicts arising from separation and divorce. It can be a hugely rewarding job with the knowledge that you are helping families during difficult times.

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