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When people are facing the difficult situation of a separation they may not know where to turn in the first instance. Legal expenses can soon mount up, leaving the former couple and their children with fewer assets. There are also non-pecuniary disadvantages in using a solicitor. Recourse to a legal solution means that conflict between parties is increased.??The modern solution to resolving the issues concerned with divorce or separation is mediation. It is often necessary to consider mediation before you seek out other methods of legal redress.

The mediator is a qualified, and understanding, professional who is skilled at negotiating between parties. Other relatives, such as children and grandparents can be brought into the mediation process.

The first step in mediation is a meeting with each party in order to decide if it is really the best solution for you. Next, a series of sessions will be organised which allow the mediator to raise issues with you which include finances, property and childcare. At the conclusion to the mediation it is hoped that you will reach a solution that benefits all parties concerned. ??It is usually a formal requirement that you consider mediation.

Before applying to court for issues that involve a divorce, or a separation you should usually first be involved in MIAMS (Mediation Information and Assessment meetings). There may be cases where mediation is not a solution. In this case we can assist in the completion of form FM1. This is a form which is required for an application to the court. You should contact us to discuss the circumstances in which FM1 is required.

Benefits of mediation:-


  • Privacy. Mediation discussions remain confidential to the parties involved.
  • Difficult problems. Mediators are trained professionals who are used to dealing with sensitive issues.
  • Non-judgemental. Mediators do not reach a conclusion as to which side is right or wrong in the mediation process.
  • Autonomy. With mediation you retain control of the process. Legal procedures can result in a loss of this control.
  • Saving money. Mediation is a relatively cost-effective way of reaching an amicable conclusion.

Mediation for different circumstances. All families are different and mediation is sensitive to the difficulties that diverse families can face. Children can be included as part of the mediation process. Our mediators are happy to explain mediation to your children and to keep them informed at every stage of the process. Grandparents can also be included as part of the discussions. Even if you have difficult decisions to make concerning property, or finance, mediation can help you to make an informed choice.

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